Hey, I'm Hannah!

I’m here to serve busy business owners LIKE YOU!

I have a passion for all things social media! I love helping business owners create a strategy that converts, map out their content, and build an engaged community. Now the pressure is off of you! My job is to make your life easier so you have more time to focus on the parts of your business that you LOVE doing.

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Fun facts about me




I order an iced chai tea latte every time I go to a coffee shop.

I am on a mission to visit all 50 states, and I only have 5 left!

I have two cats that I adopted named Millie and Miracle.

I started a 9-5 job after college, and I quickly realized I did not want to spend so much of my time working for someone else. I stumbled across an ad for a class that teaches you the ins and outs of running an online business. This is where I learned about social media management, and I was hooked!

I know what an influence social media has on the world right now, and I have seen firsthand how it can help small businesses flourish! After checking my personal Instagram page about 30 times a day, I realized it was time to turn my obsession into a service where I could help small businesses utilize their Instagram to reach a larger audience!

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I  am always up to date on the latest social media trends and updates so you can stand out in your space and attract your dream clients!
I want to make sure your content is reaching your ideal customers!

Now I get to live my dream while helping you live yours!

What others are saying...

“It was such a relief to be able to trust Hannah to post quality content for my business. Hannah is a great communicator, with a talent for organization. I would highly recommend working with her!”


“Hannah has been amazing. She took over our social media because our content was stale and uninspiring. I was impressed with how fast she figured out our vibe and began to create content that matched us! It has been a pleasure to see new posts coming in and her use of reels and videos on instagram has definitely taken us to the next level!”


What sets me apart?

I do it all! A lot of SMM only create content or they only engage. Working with me means I will create content, post content, engage, track leads, and edit videos. I learn your account inside and out, from your insights to your followers.

My goal is to build you a long term strategy that works, and then implement that strategy for you.
No more juggling 3 SMMs or VAs inside your account, you can call on me for everything. 

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