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Social Media Management

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  • One platform
  • Content creation of 3 feed posts a week
  • 20 minutes of engagement on days we post
  • Hashtag strategy

Advanced Social Media Management

  • One platform
  • Content creation of 5 feed posts a week
  • 30 minutes of engagement M-F
  • Lead tracking
  • Hashtag strategy
  • Reel strategy and editing

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Add Ons

Additional platform

Weekend engagement

Reel creation

Story creation


On the discovery call we will decide which package is best for you

You will receive an email with an interest questionnaire and a link to schedule a discovery call

Fill out the form in my contact section

After the call I will email over your proposal, contract, invoice, and new client questionnaire

I will create your Google Drive which will include your content planner, strategy and lead + stats tracker

Then we get started!

Instagram Strategy Call


  • 30 minute introductory call
  • PDF customized Instagram strategy plan including hashtag strategy and one month of post ideas
  • 60 minute call to discuss new strategy
  • 2 weeks of Voxer access while you implement your strategy

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Set up a discovery call and follow the instructions above 

Afterwards, I will send you over a feedback form 

We will continue to communicate via Voxer for the next 14 days

On the day of the strategy call I will send over your strategy folder, and we will discuss how to implement it

During the pre-strategy call I will give you an estimated timeframe (typically 7-10 days) and we will schedule your strategy call.

I  will send you an email with your invoice and a link to schedule your pre-strategy call!

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